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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Renewable Energy Interdisciplinary Study

This term the older kids have been involved in an interdisciplinary project about renewable energy. We were lucky enough to have AliEnergy come into school to run a workshop for the children and give then some hands-on, active learning experiences with a variety of renewable energy sources. 

At our school we think that it is very important to invite other adults who have a particular specialism to come in and work with the children. We also think that it is vital that it is not just the younger children who get opportunities to have an active and creative learning experience.

It is vital that children, because they are still children, get opportunities to be challenged through a problem solving approach. It is my experience that when children are given proper equipment and allowed to experiment, they will be fully involved in their learning, ask more questions and retain/apply their learning  more effectively.
Get rid of those worksheets and textbooks, get away from that computer screen and go outside and have some real learning fun!

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