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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Creative Choices: Implementing A Curriculum for Excellence

                      The fitness group got to grips with circuit training.

Monday brought the beginning of an exciting new project at school which we have called 'Creative Choices.' It is hoped that this project will encourage the children to have a say in their own learning whilst also encouraging creativity. 

                 The cookery group made cupcakes in the school kitchen.

As a school we are trying to create opportunities for other adults in our community to come in and share their skills with the children. Creative Choices is one way that allows us to do this.

The project will last for 6 weeks, running every Monday afternoon. The children were given the choice of 4 different groups that they could join; eco, craft, fitness and cooking.

The craft group are going to concentrate on learning to weave. This week the wove with pipe-cleaners and plastic straws.

 It's hoped that eventually the children will be able to suggest the groups and we will be able to find the experts to come into school to deliver a suitable programme. 

The eco group took charge of planting daffodil bulbs in the planters at the entrance to the school.

Feeback from the first session has been very positive. The children were very motivated by being able to choose their activity and also enjoyed working in mixed age groups across the school. 

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