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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Forest Schools

At Kilmartin P.S. the children are incredibly fortunate living in such a beautiful rural setting. We try to make sure that we make the very best use of out surroundings and regularly take the children outside to experience their environment.

We are also very fortunate to a have a trained Forest School leader on the staff. The children only have to walk a short way along a country road to get to a small forest where they have the most wonderful time exploring and being creative with nature.

No matter the time of year, they go out to explore and the children always find something interesting to do! Jumping up high to catch leaves is great fun when you are 3.

Before Hallowe'en the kids went along to the wood and made besoms out of twigs!

There's always something interesting to find, observe and find out about.
At other times, we bring the outdoors indoors. Here the children are creating a bug habitat in compost. Great for little fingers!

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